100 Years of 1924 Turkish Constitution – A Turkish-Italian Comparative Dialogue

con Giuseppe Franco Ferrari

The working language of the workshop is English.
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Scientific Committee: Prof. Giuseppe Franco Ferrari; Prof. Angelo Rinella; Assoc. Prof. Valentina Rita Scotti
Organizing Committee: Enrico Campelli


Introductory Remarks

Giuseppe Franco Ferrari Director of DPCE

Marco Olivetti Lumsa Roma

History and context

Demirhan Burak Çelik Galatasaray University
Women as constituent framers and policy-makers
Bertil Emrah Oder Koç University
Valentina Rita Scotti ELGS
Form of the state and of government
Francesco Clementi ‘La Sapienza’ University
Şule Özsoy Boyunsuz Galatasaray University
The Protection of fundamental rights
Giuseppe Franco Ferrari ‘Bocconi’ University

Asli Topukcu Yaşar University

The judiciary

Eleonora Ceccherini University of Genova
Selin Esen University of Ankara

Lunch Break
Constitutional interpretation
Irene Spigno AIDH

Ibrahim Ö. Kaboğlu Professor of Law

The role of the Army
Elisa Bertolini ‘Bocconi’ University
The bureaucracy in a single-party system
Nilay Arat Kadir Has University

Turkish foreign projections in the constituent period
Francesco Anghelone S. Pio V Institute
Burak Gemalmaz University of Istanbul
Closing remarks and wrap-up
Valentina Rita Scotti
Coordinator of the DPCE Special Issue
‘100 Years of the 1924 Turkish Constitution