2023 July 20 – 21


Panel of presence of Giuseppe Franco Ferrari

Panel 27 – 20 July 2023, 4.00 – 5:30 pm
Judicial Independence


Professor Shimon Shetreet, Israël, Greenblatt Prof. of Public and International Law, Co-Reporter of ELI Mt Scopus Judicial independence project, President of International Association of Judicial Independence and World Peace (JIWP) Presentation of Speakers and Introductory Comments


Professor Angelika Nussberger, Germany
, Vice-President of the European Court of Human Rights (2017-2019)

Contemporary Reflections on Judicial Independence

Professor Pascal Pichonnaz, Switzerland
, President of the European Law Institute (ELI), Full Professor of Private Law, Comparative law and Roman law (University of Fribourg, Switzerland), member of the International Academy of Comparative Law.
The ELI projects on the Rule of Law and Democracy : The ELI-Mt Scopus Standards of Judicial Independence and further Projects

President Milton Ray Guevara, Dominican Republic, World Law Foundation Trustee, President of the Constitutional Court

President M’hammed Abdenabaoui, Morocco, President delegate of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary

Justice Gonçalo Almeida Ribeiro, Portugal
, Vice-president of the Constitutional Court
The Portuguese Judges case

Justice Carmen Corral Ponce, Ecuador, Vice President of the Constitutional Court
How to Strengthen Judicial Independence : A look from the Constitutional Courtof Ecuador

Professor Sophie Turenne, United Kingdom, Professor at the University of Cambridge, Co-Reporter, ELI Mt Scopus Judicial Independence project
The ELI Mt Scopus position on central issues of European Standards of judicial independence

Professor Giuseppe Ferrari, Italy, Bocconi Milan University, Member, Advisory Committee, ELI MT Scopus Judicial independence project, Vice President of the International Academy of Comparative Law (2014 to 2022)
Protecting Judicial independence: Jurisprudence of top European Supreme Courts and The ELI Mount Scopus Judicial Independence project

Prof. Zheng TANG, China, Professor at Law, Associate Dean at Wuhan University Academy of International Law, and Global Governance
Judicial independence and Technology